Many years of experience in the crude refining, gas production, crude oil by-product distribution.

Who we are:

We take pride in being regarded as one of the most reliable and leading petro chemical refinery in Kazakhstan Republic, Eastern Europe and Asia. We strive to excel in the production and refining of various crude oil variant, which includes Oil refining, Gas production, Deep Sea and Inland Exploration, and a range of other ancillary services. We have years of experience in the business of crude refining, gas production, crude oil by-product distribution, supply chain management services, and we constantly aim to provide our various clients with convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium by-product services.

  • Oil Refining
  • Gas Production
  • Exploration

Our Mission

Our role and responsibility is to provide safe, efficient and clean crude oil by-product  services. NEFTEGAZSTROY-PV LLP has been in fore front facilitating global trade flows for many years. To remain relevant in our line of business, we ensure that we keep our refinery healthy and prepare for the future technology. Our long-term mission depends on our ability to innovate and respond to changing demands from both the market and society.

Our Code of Conduct

Our operational Code of conducts provides additional context, guidance and further explains the NEFTEGAZSTROY-PV LLP Values. The Code of Conduct mainly  clarifies on the themes Care for Safety, Health & Environment and Integrity. Please note that the guidance is not all encompassing. Many topics are further detailed and explained in our company policies and procedures.

Production and Refining of Crude Oil 

A Successful Teamwork Of Experienced Specialists. Strategic Coperation with all major oil marketers from around the world in order to increase our production capacity of major crude oil products and by-products.


Oil Refinery

Our refinery pride in the production of petroleum by-products with high-concentrated quality performance and environmental friendly characteristics, which  including motor fuels, jet fuels, Diesel, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation materials, etc.

Gas Production

The Gas processing department of refinery plant boast of an up-to-date complex technology which enables our team of expert to produce dry stripped gas and liquid hydrocarbons which are widely used world wide in the industrial and business activity in Russia and major industralised countries of the world.

Inland & Deep Sea Exploration

We currently operates inland and deep sea oil fields which are located in strategic location across Russia federation crude fields. In the upstream sector, we are committed to ensuring production volumes which allows our refinery operations to maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of mineral resources.

Laboratory Test And Services

Our laboratory Fuel Quality Testing allows operators and customers a peace of mind knowing the delivered petroleum products meet up to standard quality before use.

Environmental Safety

Our core objectives on environmental care are to be energy and water efficient and to reduce emissions and waste. We consistently comply with guidelines as set out in operating licenses, legislation and our own global standards.

Coperate Governnace 

Our company corporate governance policy is aimed to actively conform to the laws of the Russian Federation, and the relevant international standards, including the corporate governance principles of the Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development.


Severnaya Promzona, 140000, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan



Phone: +7 981 017 4163 
Fax: +7 981 017 4163S


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